Monday, 9 October 2017

Thing 6 Reflective Practice

So here I am reflecting! I have to admit that rightly or wrongly throughout all the courses and CPD I've completed, I always had a dislike for reflective practice. Perhaps in the early stages I didn't really know what was meant by it or what people wanted from me or perhaps it was just the actual term made it sound complicated and off-putting! Anyhow here goes!

As I begin to reflect on Things 3-5 my first concern immediately is where is thing 3 gone??? I know I accessed the image banks and downloaded some images and posted one of a gramophone in my blog but I don't see it there!

Overall I have been asked to access image banks and read some basics on creative commons license, use a mobile app for visual communications and create a screen-cast tutorial.

My reason for taking the course is to improve and update my knowledge of apps and other little tools and gadgets that have come on stream in the past few years. I'm involved in creating e-learning content and have an MA in Digital Media Development for Education. That was in 2006 and although I'm constantly involved in the area, it can be very time consuming trying to keep up with the latest apps, their functions and uses etc. The fact that this course is guided and 'good quality apps' are recommended in the 'Things' is a Godsend and helps bypass the myriad of useless apps on the market. I'm finding the course really informative and useful.

Starting into the Things I was fairly confident that I would be ok on the technical side of things and was really looking forward to being introduced to new content and uses of little bits of technology. I can honestly say I've being really impressed with what's available for free, sure there maybe a couple of adverts here and there but that's ok once the service is good.

I've become more aware that people (in general) in my opinion don't seem to read anything anymore. It's all too much effort. I'm not talking about novels, books etc but simple things like e mails and instructions for completing various tasks seem to be scanned over and vital information missed. It's not just students, lots of tutor colleagues seem to miss half the e mail or instructions sent to them and no doubt I do the same. In fact I've probably missed half the point of this Reflective Practice blog!

That opinion of the lack of reading fueled my interest in photofunia and screenomatic  as visual communicators. I have used Camtasia previously but |I'm really impressed with the free versions of both these apps. They will be really useful to me as I'm involved in educating our tutors in various ways of using technology to assist in teaching and learning. The downside can often be costs of licences etc so the benefits for me of being guided to these free apps is huge and tutors will be far more likely to use them and get involved once there are no costs for software.

I'm pleased to be involved with the course as it's 'compelling' me to complete the 'things' and keep up even though at times I've struggled with time. Great job everyone!

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  1. Excellent reflective post Damien, exactly what we're looking for in awarding the digital badge. Please apply for the sample one when you get a chance, and once this badge opens you can apply and I will pass you straight away. We're delighted that you are enjoying the course and learning something :)
    Feel free to do the tasks in 7. 7.5 & 8 for your CPD but you have already completed the necessary tasks for for the badge. However, if you want to do these Things, and even write one short post for all of them, I will happily read.
    See you for badge 2 otherwise with Thing 10 on the 11th November :)


Thing 6 Reflective Practice

So here I am reflecting! I have to admit that rightly or wrongly throughout all the courses and CPD I've completed, I always had a disli...