Wednesday, 20 September 2017

Thing 3

As you maybe aware from my last blog I have an avid interest in photography and so I was very interested reading through the instructions for Thing 3. I found it extremely informative especially the section on the Creative Commons licensing and when time permits i will definitely follow the link to the Creative Commons website to read some more in-depth on it.

I was also intrigued at the image bank websites. I have come across lots of stock image websites offering a few  royalty free images here and there to draw customers in but was truly amazed at the number of images and the wide variety available. I dabble in compositing using Photoshop to create an image fro 2 or more other images and sometimes it's just not possible to take all my own images of the type I would like whether through geographical restrictions or just not being able to source the subject that I would like to photograph. I'm sure these image banks will help me out on that front!

Below is an image I downloaded from  Pixabay as part of my Thing 3 task. I have placed in here on my blog in pursuit of the Visual Communicator Badge!
The reason for choosing this image is that I recently did a photoshoot with my Adult son and a female friend themed on the 1920's clothing and style. It's just a hobby, shot at home using a 'green' screen background so that the images can be composited with another suitable image(s) to make one photo. This gramophone will help greatly as a 'prop' to enhance an image.

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  1. Excellent,
    We're delighted that you're learning something new in the photo world :)
    What a wonderful passion!


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